Aroma Sachets S (Wood) | Hinoki Lab
Aroma Sachets S (Wood) | Hinoki Lab

Aroma Sachets S (Wood) | Hinoki Lab

Hinoki LAB
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This aroma sachet comes with hinoki wood flakes and also the finest hinoki wood essential oils in the collection. After a few drops of essential oil into the wood chips, you may simply hang the sachet in the closet, or to keep next to the pillow for deodorant and relaxing rituals.

Open the sachet bag and soak the wood chips with "hinoki essential oil" before use.

  • For relaxation: this product is effective for rooms and entrances. Relax with the scent of high-quality cypress.
  • Use as a deodorant: In places where you are concerned about the smell. You may hang this product on a hanger and allow the bag to deodorize the smell naturally.
  • For a change of mood when studying or working: Place the sachet in a corner of your desk or in your car to refresh your mood.


  • Contents: Wood chips 5g, Hinoki essential oil 1ml
  • Ingredient: Hinoki and cypress oil from Okayama prefecture

hinoki Lab was established in 1985, pursuing to protect forests. With the efforts of more than 30 years of research on hinoki, we present the beauty of hinoki fragrance and its benefits.

We consider research and development as a heart of our brand. Understanding plants and creating a product that brings well being to life. We also conduct a joint research with Okayama University and third party laboratories to deepen our awareness. We are continuously discovering the beauty and benefits of hinoki and other Japanese plants.