【Slowood】零污染環保百潔布 一組3件 Dish washing Sponges (3pcs)

【Slowood】零污染環保百潔布 一組3件 Dish washing Sponges (3pcs)

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/ 材料 / 劍麻及木漿棉

劍麻百潔布面:是一種多熱帶硬質葉纖維食物, 劍麻纖維質地堅韌,耐磨,令清潔前所未有的輕鬆!

Ingredients: Sisal, wood pulp cotton

Natural Sisal Scrubbing Pads: Sisal scrubber makes dish-washing a breeze! It is made from the agave plant, making it completely latex-free.
Wood Pulp Cotton Sponge: The sponge is made of natural cellulose and cotton. It is powerful and durable without causing harm to the surfaces in your home.